User Manuals

dB Technologies

Datasheet for the following microphones: HMB100S, HMB100M, HMS200S, HMS200M, HMS2000S, HMS2000M, LMB1000S, LMB1000M, LMB100S, LMB100M

Altai KDM-6 Dip Meter

Microwave Modules MMT 432/28-S (432 MHz Linear Transverter)

MFJ-901B antenna tuner

MKU13OTX 1268 MHz 1 W transmitter 

Kenwood TM-255 and TM-455

Kenwood TR-751E 

Kenwood TS-130

Kenwood TS-440

Kenwood TS-850

Yaesu FT-847

MKU13G2B 23 cm transverter by Kuhne Electronic (144 MHz IF)

X-Quads from Wimo

Documents not scanned by me: Credit to the original scanner. 

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